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Paraiba Tourmaline

First discovered in Brazil, Paraiba Tourmaline can now be found in only two other localities in the world: Nigeria and Mozambique. Paraiba Tourmaline is defined by GIA and Gubelin Labs by its trace elements of copper, the key ingredient to the stone’s famous neon-blue color. Although many of the Brazilian deposits have been all but exhausted, the price and demand for this rare collectible gemstone continue to rise.

Paraiba Tourmaline from the Mozambique locality is particularly unique for its color and size. Mozambique Gems LDA is celebrated for producing Paraiba with the brilliant color found in the original Brazilian discoveries while possessing even better clarity and size. Well-established retail names such as Harry Winston and new emerging jewelers alike are drawn to this stone’s enchanting color.

Our Story

Mozambique Gems, LDA leads the market for sustainably sourced Paraiba tourmaline. Our story began as far back as 2003 when Paraiba tourmaline deposits were first discovered in Mozambique. Since then, our company has supplied the world with some of the finest examples of this incredible stone. As our company grows, we continue to give new employment opportunities to the members of our surrounding villages. We believe in creating a unified community where all can prosper.

Given its rarity, mining for Paraiba tourmaline has been a challenge for other companies of the past. Mozambique Gems is dedicated to implementing the latest mining technologies to provide a consistent supply of top-grade Paraiba to wholesale and retail consumers worldwide.


Our Goal

Mozambique Gems strives to help set industry standards for all mining practices. We believe that the origins of our gemstones should be transparent; as such, we aim to build lasting relationships with our local community, artisans, and local suppliers.


Mozambique Gems works hand-in-hand with local government authorities and professional services to assess the impact of our operations on the environment, as well as the surrounding communities. Our current initiatives focus on investing in the livelihood and well-being of our employees and their families.

Environmental Protection

We are stewards of this land. It is our responsibility to protect this land so that future generations may enjoy the benefits. Mozambique Gems continues to launch environmental initiatives to preserve this concession’s landscape.